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Is Trump Dodging Testimony? Lawyer Prep Hints He Might Skip NY Trial

In a recent article on, it was reported that lawyer sources have indicated that former President Donald Trump is unlikely to testify in the New York trial focused on the operation of his family business. This development comes as a strategic move by the legal team representing Trump, who have been meticulously preparing for the upcoming trial proceedings.

The decision not to have Trump testify can be attributed to a variety of factors, including concerns over potential legal risks and the complexities involved in such a high-profile case. By opting to avoid personal testimony, Trump’s legal team aims to safeguard their client’s interests and protect him from the possibility of making statements that could be used against him during the trial.

Moreover, the legal strategy of refraining from having Trump testify underscores the careful and strategic approach being adopted by his legal counsel. By focusing on other aspects of the case and leveraging alternative defense tactics, Trump’s legal team seeks to mount a robust defense while minimizing potential vulnerabilities that could arise from his testimony.

It is evident that the decision not to have Trump testify reflects a calculated legal strategy aimed at safeguarding his legal position and preserving his interests in the face of mounting legal challenges. As the trial unfolds, the effectiveness of this approach will be put to the test, highlighting the intricate dynamics at play in high-stakes legal proceedings involving prominent public figures.

Overall, the lawyer preparation suggesting that Trump will not testify in the New York trial underscores the complex nature of legal strategies in high-profile cases and the importance of tactical decision-making in safeguarding the interests of the client. As the legal proceedings progress, it will be intriguing to see how this strategic approach influences the outcome of the case and shapes the legal landscape surrounding Trump’s business operations.

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